Food Bank

Most of the food that is wasted around the world is wasted in ceremonies. The number of hungry people staring at the food piled up in the dustbin in the hope of littile bit rice is not insignificant. They do not hesitate to fight with the four-legged creatures in the hope of getting some food. And that’s exactly why we started our first project, the first step in the food revolution – the Food Bank,

Our goal was to ensure that not a single person in our city goes to bed hungry. We started preaching that leftover food should not be thrown away at any event. We talk to all the caterers and caterers in town and get them to call us if they have food left over. As soon as we get a call, we collect the food and distribute among the starving people . we work rounb the clock on this project. The heat, the storm, the rain or cold could not stop our work under any circumstances.The situation has changed a lot since 2017. Today the increased food is not wasted. Instead people cook more to give us. Today no one has to go to bed hungry.
First we started working among the people in the station premises of the city. Then gradually our work continues in all the downtrodden areas of the city.

We will continue this work only then maybe we can make our dream come true, no one will ever have to go to bed hungry again. Do not throw away the leftover food and distribute it among the starving people. May the smell the hot rice stays in everyone’s house all over the world.