Bivabori- not a marriage alone,but a new life

In the present day social milieu , introduction of Bivabori by Burdwan Foodies Club is sui generis as it works in commensurate with requirements of downtrodden and underprivileged, especially that of women.
The idea cropped up when , off and on, members of Burdwan Foodies Club financially helped poor girls in their marriage. We thought that we may take responsibility for marriage of one poverty ridden girl for it’s fulfilment in each year .
And thus Bivabori was created. The Bengali word Bivabori means night, darkness. But paradoxically it brings poor marriageable girls from darkness of night to the ray of light. Irrespective of caste, creed and religion BFC is organising marriage of one downtrodden girl in each year.

Such wedding ceremony is entirely conducted by BFC, right from ” ga e holud” to the “bibaho basor.” It is pertinent to mention here that BFC takes initiatives only for financially oppressed marriageable girls.
And in return we get blessings from those families, the lower echelon of society.
We feel a kind of satisfaction that we think we were hither to deprived of .

Bivabori is still in it’s initial and experimental stage. With the blessings of people and financial support of the people of upper echelon and other strata of society this project will flourish and will be beneficial to marginal section of society. One day will come when even the name ” Bivabori” will be conspicuous by it’s absence.