Dorpon – A blend of youth and elders|old age home and orphanage home

We want to set up an orphanage home along with an old age home in the outskirt of burdwan town.the name of our home will be “Darpan” which means mirror.this is because we want our elders to see their youth age through the eyes of the orphans,and vice versa.we would like to give them shelter food education and all the enjoyments of life free of will be three storeyed building where we would also like to set up a school,teaching the backward class of people art and craft.

We,Burdwan foodies club,have been doing all the social works possible for the down trodden people in and around it with food,or with supply of blood,installing water purifiers in govt aided primary school or sanitary napkin vending machines in public toilet and girls school.but when it comes to sheltering someone,we feel helpless.last year at the time of natural disasters like yash and fani cyclone,we rescued all the beggars from the street and gave them shelter in a local high school.we don’t have any solution eight now when someone calls us for urgent shelter.we only pass the information to the local police station.these things need to be changed.if we can set up a home for the street dwellers,they don’t have to spend night under the open sky anymore.this home will exclusively be used for the orphan who doesn’t have a home,or the elders who doesn’t have any relationship and facing extreme financial problem.
Another thing we would like to start in the same premises is a school for the local youths and teach them art and craft.we do have a project running on the same issue,named “Rongdhonu” where we teach children of backward areas how to make bottle art, painting,ornaments etc.the same thing we propose to start in our home as well for the local children.
Currently we have more than 200 genuine street dwellers in burdwan.they doesn’t have a house to live in.we have surveyed this from January 2021 to december 2021.this is the number in burdwan town alone.there is currently no home which gives them shelter for free in our town.and as for the number of orphan,this number goes up to 500 and even more than that.but not everyone among them is financially unstable.the exact data is around 45 children who suffered heavily after the loss of their parents.
If we can give them shelter and a better life,atleast 10 percent of these children and elders,it will be a great achievement for the society.
These are the genuine problem areas that we are witnessing and till now,have no solution what so ever.that is why we are eying on establishing this home for the two generation.

The biggest problem people are facing in distress is food.a hungry stomach cannot learn,cannot enjoy,cannot respect others and above all,cannot live.
So the first thing you need to change a society for the betterment is to eradicate this hunger from the people.this will be primarily done in the home along with giving the boarders education and safe shelter.if we can change the life of atleast 10 percent of the people who are suffering now because of the adverse circumstances,it will be a huge offering towards the society.these orphan children are actually the human resources of our country.doing something for them is actually equivalent to doing a great deal for the country.our primary object is to educate them and give them a better life.a nation can be changed if we take care of her children and respect her daughters.this home will be the greatest opportunity for us to do actual good for our nation.that is to educate her future sons and daughters.we are proposing to shelter as many old people and orphan children as the future it will decrease child labour, crime rates and domestic violance for sure.these children are the backbone of the nation.and if you treat them well today,you will see the benifit in future.
“Dorpon” allows us to achieve our will take time.but things will change if there is love and respect blend with hard work.and in hard work alone,we do believe.

There are so much sufferings in the world.the backward sector of people live life like animals.this is the hard truth that’s need to be understood.sometime they even don’t have a roof over their shelter.we have come across families that have three children,but no food to feed family planning whatsoever for the poors.again while surveying in the outskirt of kolkata,we witnessed rape victims,barely three to four years of age.these things are very common in many parts of our country.our main objective is to give these people a better life.if we can shelter these children or the old people who have no one to attend to them,they can lead a better life for themselves.
First thing that will happen down the line is heavy reduce of crime rates.children if unattended by the elders are keen to do many Mischiefs or anti social activities.they can be drug addict also.if we arrange a shelter for them and above all educate them in a proper channel,these risk factors will be erased completely.
Secondly,this will allow them to learn their and become human resources for the country in near future.
As for the older people,they are the people who have suffered a lot in their youth age.the aim is to give them a better life in their later ages.they are the people who are hungry for love and as a citizen it is our duty to stand by them in their life struggle.they will guide these children to a normal life.with the school in progress,we will train the local youth with art and craft education.these will make them self sufficient and they dont need to beg for their food anymore.they can arrange food for themselves alone.that will bring a beggar free society in burdwan