Feed100- A food revolution in burdwan

Feed-100 is one of our favorites in the food revolution. In this project we invite everyone to celebrate their special days with us. A feed donor donates to us on the occasion of their special day. With that donation we cook food for 100 people and distribute it in the backward areas. Each feed feeds about 100 to 120 empty stomachs. Every day at least 6 to 10 feeds are held in different parts of the city.
In this project we try to give proper nutrition to all people. In addition to rice and curry, our food list includes fish, eggs, soyabeans, chicken, mutton every day so that the people of backward areas also get proper nutrition.
The project benefits not only the people of the backward areas, but also many others like the caterers who cook, the vegetable sellers and many more.365 days of the year can be happy feeding days if 365 people take the responsibility of feeding these helpless people.our city wont suffer from malnutritIon.Our request to all the people is to come forward and take the responsibility of one day meal of these people, you will see that all the people in our country will smell hot rice in their house. No one will have to go to bed hungry anymore.
Everyday about 600 to 1000 people are beneficiated by this project and we cover almost every downtrodden areas in and around the town with this project.