Water purifier in primary schools

Burdwan Foodies Club is a vast social organisation with diverse ramifications.
Various branches are engaged in various fields of social works and they deal with various aspects of society. Providing pure drinking water to students of primary schools is a vital work which this social organisation is religiously following right from it’s inception. There is dearth of pure drinking water in many primary schools.
Pure drinking water is a mast for primary school children the absence of which may jeopardize the health condition of children .
Installation of water purifier in various primary schools by BFC has reduced the risk of water pollution to naught. In this way this Social Organisation has saved precious lives of school children.

Many a flower is born to blush unseen. Primary school is such a period when children are like blooming flowers. This is the time of their mental as well as physical growth. Lack of pure drinking water in schools may create havoc in their health condition. If pure drinking water is provided the healthy child will be a blooming flower one day.

BFC is providing water purifier to primary schools and it’s a continuous process. We have installed water purifier machines in more than 100 primary schools. Other schools have requested for the installation of the same and BFC will fulfill it in no time. A drop of pure water is tantamount to the heart beat of a child and BFC is devoted to save that heart beat.